The Best Dry Cleaner in Chicago

Urban Cleaners

Urban Cleaners is the full-service dry cleaning and laundry facility offering the highest quality service a tour state of the art in-house plant in Skokie, IL,and free pickup and delivery in Chicago and North Shore suburbs. Our experienced and trained staff offers exceptional customer service and ensures every order is individually inspected for quality.

Why choose Urban Cleaners for your dry cleaning and laundry

  • Best price guaranteed
  • Free pickup & delivery
  • Green & eco-friendly cleaner
  • Plant on premises
  • Professional quality & customer service

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The Best Green Dry Cleaner in Chicago

Urban Cleaners is a proud partner of GreenEarth Cleaning and use their sustainable products that arenon-toxic and non-allergenic. GreenEarth’s solvent is liquid silicone based – a safe and natural by product of sand. Most traditional dry cleaners use petroleum-based solvent known as PERC, which has a harmful effect on humans. GreenEarth’s solvent is inert and does not interact with the fabric. It carries the detergent to the garment and carries away the dirt and stains

  • Whites stay white
  • Fabric stays soft
  • Colors don’t fade

Our Best Price GuaranteeOur Best Price Guarantee

Urban Cleaners Skokie strives to give you the best price. If you find a lower price from a legitimate cleaner, not a discount cleaner using PERC or a DF2000 plant, please call us at 847-983-0897. Our Best Price Guarantee means our customers get the best price.

Green Program InitiativeGreen Program Initiative

We are committed to making the environment cleaner and safer for the benefit of our customers, our employees, our children, and generations to come. Urban Cleaners recycles customers hangers and plastic garment bags. Our green initiative is focused on improving the recycling practice of customer garment bags, paper receipt, and hangers improving the environmental impact and incentivizing employees to make green-conscience choices, and developing a sustainable fleet of delivery vehicles.