Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Do-Knot Waste Time – Preserve Your Wedding Dress Today

For many a woman, the wedding dress is the most expensive and invaluable piece of clothing they own.  Most brides describe the process of selecting the perfect dress as one of the most challenging ordeals in the wedding planning process, preceded by hours of mulling and followed by days of fittings. 

On your wedding day

Weddings are fun, stressful, and exhausting. Whether you host your wedding in one of Second City’s beautiful venues across the river, on top of the Sears tower, or at the planetarium or art center, there are a few things to be aware of as the day comes to an end, and it’s time to slip off the dress.

The cardinal rule is that one must not attempt to remove any stains on the outfit by themselves. It’s inevitable to have food and drink spills and sweat stains after a day’s celebration, and attempting to clean at home invites the risk of setting these stains permanently on the pearly white fabric. Care must also be taken while wrapping and storing the dress after use on the wedding day to minimize damage. Caution not to use plastic wrappers since they can seal off the gas and trap sweat and moisture leading to rapid mold and mildew growth. 

Additionally, wedding dresses can be quite heavy. It is inadvisable to hang the gown on wire or wooden hangers as the weight of the dress can stretch the fabric and distort the shape. Instead, padded hangers with hooks provide even support and prevent creasing and deformity.

Lastly, don’t lay your dress on colored tissues or use ordinary paper for temporary wrapping. The moisture from the cloth can cause the colored tissues to bleed the die, while the acidic content in ordinary paper can scorch the gown and cause yellowing overnight.

After the big bash

So, what to do with the lovely gown after you walk into the sunset with the man of your dreams –

Hold on to it as a souvenir that serves as a reminder of the day, a celebration of love and unity, amidst friends and family? Safeguard it as a family heirloom to cherish? Repurpose it into a cocktail attire? Resell it to craft a circular economy?

While the decision is personal, there’s not much time to waste – whether you decide to keep, sell or donate, it’s important to have the wedding dress professionally cleaned and persevered soon after the wedding day. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine, and longer delays mean tougher stains. Waiting for even a few weeks can mean you might need restorative services rather than preservation to conserve the glory of the dress for posterity. 

Preservation is key for safekeeping

Wedding gown perseveration is the trusted method to retain the beauty, color, fabric, and shape of your wedding dress for the long term. Note that wedding gown preservation is different from cleaning, and uses museum-quality methods to protect the cloth from the perils of time. 

At Urban Cleaners, we are proud to serve newlyweds in the Chicagoland area. Our professional preservationist with more than three decades of experience working with fine, delicate gowns has finessed a propriety technique to enshrine your gown for the future. 

Each gown is different and tailored to the bride’s dreams. Our process begins with a detailed assessment of the wedding dress, from its fabric, materials, embellishments, stitch, and stains, to formulate a custom plan for the preservation procedure. This process is exhaustive since sugar stains from champagne and white wine, oil, and sweat marks hidden beneath the numerous trims and hems may not be visible at the time but can turn brown if untreated. Our experts always heed the washing instruction label for additional direction. 

We offer wet and dry-cleaning preservation services and has built a reputation for the highest customer satisfaction in Chicago. Our wet cleaning method consists of washing the gown by hand using organic, perc-free solvents to remove both visible and invisible stains. The traditional preservation method involves pre-treating stains and using specialized state-of-the-art machinery to remove the dirt and grime. Instead of recycled solvents, only virgin solvents with minimal impurities are used in the wedding dress cleaning and preservation process to eliminate the risk of microscopic materials from the solvent settling into the dress. With this method, additional steps are taken to cover embellishment with muslin to prevent contact with solvents, or else, fragile and delicate embellishments are removed from the wedding gown during the washing processes and meticulously reattached afterward.

Forever and Ever

On return, wedding gowns are steamed, pressed, and packaged in acid-free tissue paper and placed in a sealed chest for safekeeping. The preservation box is sealed airtight after removing oxygen and replacing it with non-reactive nitrogen. Besides, the PH-neutral tissue paper will allow the gown to stay dry, mold-free, and adjust to changing room temperatures. It is strongly advised to keep this package closed, and open only when necessary – the protective package has a window that would let customers view the gown after service. 

Store the preserved gown in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Heat and UV rays from the sunlight can cause slow yellowing over time even after preservation. Its best practice to wash your hands and wear clean white gloves while opening and handling the wedding dress from the sealed package. 

As the most trusted wedding gown preservationists in Chicago, we handle hundreds of wedding dresses each year. Visit our website for more information, and give us a call at (847) 983-0897 to inquire about our deals for additional add-ons such as garters, veils, shoes, bouquets, and more!