No more stress over stains

It is almost impossible to have some fun in the park and or at a backyard barbecue without catching a little mud, grease, or mustard on your clothes. Until they start making clothing that could stay stain-free, it’s bound to take a beating from something spilled, smeared, squirted, or slopped. 

Over the years, the American Cleaning Institute ® (ACI) has worked with experts like us in the cleaning products and laundry industry to develop a guide to the proper use of cleaning and hygiene products. Read below to learn more.

How to remove stains from clothes

Stains come in all forms and colors. However, they share a few things in common and the sooner you learn about them, the better you become at removing them.

  • Act quickly. The earlier you treat them the better.
  • Never rub the stain; remove excess by blotting or running cool water.  
  • Pre-treat the area with stain before washing 
  • Do not put the garment in the dryer until the stain is completely removed. The heat from the dryer can set the stain to be permanent. 

Now that the basics are covered, we can deep dive into different types of stains and how to best remove them at home. 

Coffee/ Beverages spills: Soak and pretreat with stain remover or liquid laundry detergent. Launder using sodium hypochlorite bleach or oxygen bleach for best results. 

Grease/Oil: with heavy stains, place the stained area face down on clean paper towels and apply cleaning fluid to the back of the stain. Replace paper towels under the stain and repeat the process several times. Launder using hottest water safe for fabric.

Ink: Use a sponge to apply rubbing alcohol around the stain before applying it directly to it. Place the stain face down on clean paper towels and rub alcohol from the backside. Repeat and rinse the garment thoroughly.

Ketchup/Mustard: Avoid dabbing, and remove any excess ketchup or mustard using a spoon or knife. Flush it under cold water immediately to loosen the stain and apply the stain remover. Launder using hot water and add bleach to the wash, preferably chlorine bleach. Check the care label to see if it is safe for the fabric.

Blood and other bodily fluids: Stains from blood, sweat, vomit, and bodily fluids require the use of enzymatic detergent which can break down the organic protein molecules and oxygenated non-chlorine bleach. For armpit stains, apply baking soda in the area and let it dry before rinsing; Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove sweat stains.

Wine: Cover the stain in salt which until it turns pink. Soak it in cold water for 30 minutes and use an enzymatic laundry detergent.

Stains can be tough. So, if you are feeling down on your luck, bring them to our experts. At Urban Cleaners, all items are individually inspected before and after wash. Stain, spots, tears, etc. are identified beforehand and processed separately based on restorative needs and fabric care instructions to ensure 100 percent stain removal. 

Stop stressing over stains, and schedule a free pick on our Urban Cleaners App.  You can also call us at (847) 983-0897 or email for more details.