How to Clean and Care for Your Down Jackets

Living across Chicago’s wintry zip codes, premium down jackets are a staple for ultimate outdoors comfort on cold wintry days. Filled with sustainably sourced geese feathers, puffer coats from Canada Goose, Moncler, and Burberry combine the latest technology and innovation to provide insulation against extreme temperatures and exude stylish sophistication. They maintain a fine balance between utility and fashion. 

Thick and lightweight with durable water-repellent shells, high-end designer winter jackets are, often, a large investment. And like other investments such as your car and home, it needs care and maintenance to ensure that it stands the test of time. 

In short, designer down jackets are “Dry Clean Only” garments, and a trip to the cleaners is needed every year to get as much wear as possible out of your couture winter wardrobe. Most Canada Goose, Moncler, Mackage, Woolrich, Moose Knuckles, and Burberry jackets are constructed using heavy-duty waterproof materials that can accumulate dust and dirt with daily wear. The grime and germs collected on the coat, its trims, and pockets can clog the pores in the insulated fabric compromising the breathability and waterproof qualities of the outwear. Hence, it is imperative to dry clean down-filled designer jackets even when there are no visible spots, stains, or signs of wear.

Always Clean and Keep

Designer jackets should only be washed and cleaned at a premium cleaner like Urban Cleaners. For instance, companies like Canada Goose insist that their customers take the coats to a dry clean service with reputed workmanship and reviews. Further, the jacket’s lifetime warranty is considered void if the coat is defected from washing it at home or by amateurs.

At Urban Cleaners, we are proud to keep the residents of the windy city clean and cozy through the winters. Every year, we undertake cleaning and repairs of hundreds of Moncler puffers, Burberry blazers, Canada Goose quilted downs, and more. Our experts follow a proprietary cleaning process in our in-house plant using computerized washing machines to offer top-drawer service to our loyal clientele. Our experts will get to work as soon as you drop off the coats – they begin their process by conducting a detailed assessment of the jacket, so as to devise a comprehensive cleaning plan and provide clients with a timeline for completing the work. 

We ensure to address all minor repairs and damages and remove embellishments and furs from the jacket before the deep wash. After a series of spot treatments and color-revitalization techniques, we take care to zip, fasten, and button everything on your coat to prevent snags and tears during the wash. Extra attention is bought to consulting the care label for specific cleaning and drying instructions. Additionally, we use natural, bleach-free GreenEarth Cleaning’s organic solvent to remove stains, while protecting the natural fibers. Throughout the numerous steps of this cleaning process, our experts will individually fluff and inspect each jacket to prevent the clumping of feathers to ensure proper distribution for an even look. 

Care and Storage at Home

Caring for your coat at home is as important as cleaning to ensure that they remain as durable as guaranteed. 

Though bulky and heavy, it is vital to find a dark, clean, moisture-free corner for your coat on its return from the dry cleaners – aim for a spot that hovers around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Further, don’t suffocate the jacket – always hang the coat on a wire hanger to avoid stretching. Besides, folding and packing your coat over an extended period may squish the jacket, damaging the filling. Though most Moncler, Burberry, Canada Goose, and other designer jackets come in small storage bags, it is advisable not to use them for long-term storage since it can crush and compress the down filling preventing it from expanding evenly upon use. If detachable, remove the fur lining on the coat and hang it vertically with the jacket to allow the hide and furs free movement, eliminating both friction and clumping. 

A general rule of thumb is to use a breathable garment bag, or mesh covers to store your expensive down-filled out garments. Also covering the fur and metal embellishment with PH-free neutral paper can protect it from dust and light damage. On a side note, apply the same consideration when packing your down puffers and winter vest for travel. While packing, place the jacket on top so that it would not be crushed at the bottom of your luggage; it will also allow for access to the coat without rummaging through the suitcase. 

For Chicagoans, winter coats are a daily companion for more than half of the year. And, keeping high-function, high-fashion puffer coats and jackets in mint condition is our proud calling. As a full-service dry cleaner, we also offer restoration and repair for your luxury jackets along with dry cleaning services for scarves, designer boots, Uggs, and other accessories. 

Consult Urban Cleaners to keep your winter couture clean.