GreenEarth Cleaning Products. Safe For You And Your Clothes.

Sustainability and Efficiency are paramount to us. We have partnered with GreenEarth Cleaning, who share our customer service values and commitment to the environmental, to offer all our customers the cleaner, greener, and kinder cleaning experience. GreenEarth Cleaning is the world’s most trusted brand of environmentally friendly dry-cleaning products, serving 6000+ cleaners in 35+ countries. The GreenEarth dry cleaning solutions used by Urban Cleaner contains liquid silicone, a lightweight, non-toxic, and environmentally safe substance, which has low surface tension, allowing it to effectively penetrate fabric fibers, without wear.

Liquid silicone is chemically inert and has ideal fabric care properties. It is gentle and does not react with clothing dyes, eliminating the traditional issues with fading colors, dull whites, and shrinkage. It is safe to use on all fabric types and requires the least amount of energy and water in the commercial cleaning process. You can smell the green difference! Unlike petroleum-based chemical solvents used by traditional dry cleaners, GreenEarth solvent is odorless and does not leave behind a lingering smell on the garments. It is non-allergenic and non-irritating and safe on the skin.

In fact, the base ingredients of our solvent are what you will find in everyday shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, and cosmetics. No more worrying about bringing toxic residues home, and goodbye to a runny nose and itchy throats. Further, as opposed to perc, which when disposed sweeps underground and contaminates the groundwater with harmful toxins, GreenEarth solvent is biodegradable and breaks down into three natural elements – sand, trace amounts of water, and carbon dioxide – when released into the environment.

We are raising the bar for sustainable dry cleaning! Through this strategic partnership, we strive to offer our customers the best possible fabric care with the lowest overall environmental impact. Remember, do not be fooled by the ‘organic cleaning’ label. They could still be using perc products, since the chemical definition of organic extends to all carbon compounds, even when they are toxic and lethal. Always look for the GreenEarth mark of confidence for 100 % green and natural garment care.