Clothing, Content and Fabric Cleaning and Restoration After a Fire

As a homeowner, there are few nightmares as scary as fire damage. It is a devastating experience and endangers both the personal safety and possessions of residents. Fire damage leaves a heavy financial and emotional burden in its wake and can render the home uninhabitable until restored. 

Smoke, heat, and soot as well as water damage from the efforts of firefighters and burst pipes can leave a homeowner without a wardrobe, upholstered furniture, or undamaged carpets. Most often damage to interior upholstery and items stored in closets cannot be assessed until inhabitants can re-enter the house. 

Clean up after a fire is hard work but it does not need to harder. As the adage goes, a stitch in time saves nine.  After a fire, quick action is critical to saving the home and its contents.

There are a few important things to keep in mind as you return home:

  1. Wipe and ventilate

Even minor fires can be accompanied by a pervasive smell of smoke and a dusting of residual soot inside the house. The task is to ventilate and remove the soot in time.

Keep all the windows open to push the smoke out of the rooms. Once allowed to enter the house, immediately move expensive clothing and accessories outside and carefully shake the soot off the fabric. Removing soot is complicated; only use a high-powered vacuum cleaner with a narrow type or light brush to avoid forcing soot particles deeper into the clothing.

  1. Separate salvageable from scorched items

Count your losses. Charred items cannot be restored and will damage other items if they come in contact. Separate burnt articles and organize the restorable items based on their type, fabric, and special washing instructions. 

  1. Deodorize the fabric

While most fire-damaged items would need professional care, there few temporary relief methods to remove odor. Deodorizing using perfumes, aerosol sprays, and disinfectants can mask the smoke odor for short periods as you sort through the wreck. 

  1. Do not wash sooty clothes

Washing clothes with residual soot is, decisively, the wrong move. Conventional washer and dryers are not equipped to remove deep-set soot stain and can cause the stain and odor to set into the fabric, making it near impossible to eradicate. You’re better off calling in a professional, who begins the cleaning process with an ozone treatment. 

5. File your insurance claim

Be sure to ring your insurer as soon as the fire truck leaves and file a claim immediately. It would be helpful to have an insurance adjuster on-site as soon as possible so that she/has can access the damage to the clothes firsthand and accurately account for the articles in the claim. 

  1. Contact our restoration experts

Make that call – you will need professional help. At Urban Cleaners, we understand how devastating a fire can be. Our trusted, remediation-certified experts are on-call around the clock and can come to you to discuss your requirements and provide a free quote.

From upholstery cleaning to specialized restoration for clothing, draperies, bedding, boots, and household items, we have proven expertise in working with insurance providers and offering the most cost-effective recovery solutions to homeowners.

See below for a run-down of our fully managed restoration cleaning process

On-Site consultation and damage assessment: Our restoration experts will visit you at home, evaluate the extent of damage for clothing and fabric, and suggest appropriate cleaning methods and practices. We will provide you a quote before undertaking and offer complimentary pick-up and delivery service.

Working with insurance adjusters: We will contact your insurance adjuster and provide comprehensive support in filling requisite paperwork and fulfilling the necessary protocols to receive the claim.

Scan and tag: Once items reach our facility, we will scan the bags and input each item into our software. A barcode is assigned to each article, and photos are taken and stored in our database for documentation purposes.

Expert cleaning: We examine each garment for damage and focus on areas that require special treatment. We use green and natural cleaning solvent and ozone treatment processes to remove soot and odor.

Inspection and storage: After completion of the cleaning cycle, all items are individually inspected for quality assurance. Restored items can be stored at our facility until your home restoration is complete

Report of restoration: We will prepare and provide clients with a final report of restoration, complete with details of all items, including photos, description, type of restoration cleaning done, and prices 

Delivery:  your smoke-free garments are back home safely.

With some planning and a little help from us, you can recover from a fire damage to your home and restore normality to your life quicker than expected.

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