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Living in a cold place, your coats might be the most used item in your closet – you wear them around the clock! As the temperature drops below freezing, leather jackets, woolen coats, silk shawls, and fur parkas exemplify both comfort and fashion. And, they can also be a hefty nvestment – store them right, and they last a lifetime but wash them wrong, and they become unwearable. Washing at the improper speed or temperature or using the wrong detergent can ruin fur-trimming and interior linings, and shrink sweaters in a single wash. Hence, when in doubt, never wash but dry clean.

The cardinal rule is to dry clean all your winter clothes twice a year. ie. after bringing them out for the season and before packing them away in the spring. At Urban Cleaners, our expertise extends across fur, leather, wool, suede, and insulated winter clothing and accessories. Our professionals are trained to delicately handle each item and wash the various parts of the clothing according to instructions in the care label. This process ensures that furs, natural fibers, and embellishments on the garments are not exposed to water and damaged. Care is taken to deep clean layered garments, fleece sweaters, and hooded clothes to remove hidden debris that attracts moths; all items are returned ready for storage in a cool dry place until the next winter.

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