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Wet cleaning works best for daily-wear clothes to remove everyday dirt, sweat, and grime. Availing our state-of-the-art in-house plant, we have refined the wet cleaning technique without the use of chemical solvents to offer an exceptionally satisfying cleaning experience to our customers. Utilizing the universal solvent and top of the line computer-controlled washing machines, our wet cleaning service is the optimal environment-friendly process to limit exposure to detergents and soaps and extend the lifecycle of your garments.

Wet washing is highly recommended to clean and care for the finer and delicate items in your wardrobe. It’s always best to contact professional cleaners with proven expertise to wet clean your cashmeres, silks, woolen clothes, and garments made of other natural fibers. Be assured that at Urban cleaners, we take particular care to prepare each garment for wet washing by soaking and spot cleaning to deliver on our quality assurance. Save time by skipping the trip to the dry cleaners, and call our experts for a free pick up!

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