Professional Wedding Gown and Dress Cleaning & PreservationGreen Cleaning. Eco-friendly. Non-toxic.

We understand that preserving the beauty of the bridal dress is synonymous with capturing the memories that come along with it. With the right care, wedding gowns can last many moons; from being the focal point of attraction on the wedding day, it may become a family heirloom to be cherished for generations to come.

Urban Cleaner’s wedding dress cleaning and preservation practice is time tested to remove food, wine spills, dirt, dust, water damage, and sweat without exposing beads, sequins, lace, trims, and vintage fabric to hard solvents. Emphasis is placed on attention and care in removing spots hidden behind embellishments and trims, as well as invisible stains that can lead to yellowing and discoloration. We professionally clean the dress using environment-friendly, odorless, and perc-free solvents and return your wedding gowns in an acid-free box with acid-free tissue paper, ready for safe storage.

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