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Every day, we all sweat and shed skin, mostly while in bed. It settles on our sheets, pillows, blankets, and comforters, blending in with the regular dust and grime. Hence, it’s imperative to develop a routine to regularly clean your beddings, blankets, and comforters.

At Urban Cleaners, we specialize in offering high-quality cleaning of bed sheets, blankets, and comforters in our in-house plant. We only use 100% natural and environmentally friendly cleaning solvents that are hypoallergenic and PERC-free to eliminate stains and smells. After wash, all bedding items are individually inspected, folded, and returned in a special storage bag, ready for safekeeping or snuggles. With the Urban Cleaners green and safe guarantee, crawl into a clean bed and sleep in your sheets with comfort and confidence.

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